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Autumn's Interview


Autumn SC1 Photos


Autumn SC1 is yet another great Charm from the Texas Charms Bash.  Autumn did many photo shoots with other Charms during the bash so be sure and check them out on her Southern Charms site by clicking on her name.

Autumn was kind enough to pose for a Happenings shoot and really put on a show for the camera.  I think that you will like the pics as she shows us her body.  There are 19 photos in the preview area and another 40 in the Happenings members area.  I hope that you enjoy them.

Now on to Autumn's interview.

Lord Hardcore:  How old are you?
Autumn:  I am 45 years young.

Lord Hardcore:  Where do you call home?
Autumn:  I am a Real Live Texas Girl.  Born in Houston and raised in deep east Texas.  So I have a strong Texas drawl that gets very twangy when I am tipsy or mad.  After I married at the young age of 17, we moved to Houston.  I lived there for many years and over the years we have migrated to Central Texas.  The Austin area is great.  Lots of things to do and see.  Never boring around here in the Music City.  The only thing I don't like about Austin is that all the stores are so spread out.  I liked Houston's shopping a lot better.  You know a girl likes to shop and also (hint-hint) get gifts.

Lord Hardcore:  Please tell us a little about your life? 
Autumn:  I have been married for 28 years, to the same man.  We have been happy (most of the time) and raised two beautiful daughters who no longer live at home.  We feel young enough to live life and are thoroughly enjoying ourselves every moment of the day.  We are swingers and enjoy sharing our loves and laughs with other fun couples.

We just bought some land and a home in the country and are busy landscaping outside and decorating inside.  We do not have any close neighbors so we often go out on our back deck and sit or sunbathe nude.  I think I am becoming a nudist.  Next summer we are going to put in a pool and a hot tub so there will be more places to shoot pictures and have parties.

Lord Hardcore:  Please fill us in on your life as you grew up and tell us a little about your hobbies, likes, and dislikes? 
Autumn:  My life growing up was pretty normal.  I attended public school K-12.  I was an officer in student council for three years.  I was in drama and choir.  I know you are not going to believe this but I was very shy and a wall-flower in high school.  Kept to myself and did not have many friends.  A loner I guess you might say.  I guess that had something to do with the fact that my dad was a minister.

I have always enjoyed watching movies, I guess TV is part of my background as my dad was a TV repairman, when he wasn't preaching, and when I was little he would sit me in front of the TV and say "watch and see if it is ok."  I guess it made for a great babysitter.  Anyway...

I love to camp, fish, go boating, most anything that is outdoors.  We are regulars at Hippy Hollow.  I love to dress sexy and go dancing.  My husband and I just recently took jitterbug, swing and salsa lessons.  What fun that was.  Now I want to take an advanced class plus take CW lessons and learn all the new steps.  We love to go to Renaissance Faires dressed in "garb."  There are several in Texas and we try to attend all of them.

I like cats and fuzzy blankets.  I like snuggling with my blanket, and my husband on a cold night...or any night.  I like backrubs, hot bubble baths and vanilla ice cream.  I like hot tea and gooey chocolate anything.  My favorite fast food is Burger King burger.  My favorite type of food is seafood or Mexican.  My favorite drink is, lets see, this month, Vanilla Rum and Diet Coke, or anything "girlie."  My favorite flower is a yellow rose.  My favorite color is blue.  Favorite music is pop or country.  My favorite website is of course Southern Charms.

I don't like smelly dogs or having a dog lick me, bugs, loud obnoxious people, gropers, cleaning house or cooking (yes, I admit it, I am not domestic that is why I have a job).

Lord Hardcore:  Now you know that you have to tell us a little about it?
Autumn:  It was a little awkward as we were both virgins and neither of us really had a clue as to what we were suppose to be doing but great nonetheless.  It was in the back of a Dodge Dart.

Lord Hardcore:  Have you had a girl/girl experience? If yes, tell a little about the first experience?
Autumn:  Being in the Lifestyle this particular sexual activity is very common.  Up until just recently I have been "Bi-Passive."  To me that means that I do not dislike the touch of another woman but did not aggressively pursue any activity.  My first experience was with a good friend, who is now a past charm.  We were at her home and were playing around and one thing led to another and Debbie, my hubby and I had a great threesome.  Only a woman knows what a woman really likes.  The touch of a woman is soft, sensual and there is nothing like it.

Lord Hardcore:  What is your favorite sexual fantasy?
Autumn:  I think I am currently living and doing my fantasies, but I am sure that my great members could help me create some new ones.

Lord Hardcore:  Is there anything else that you would like to say to your fans before we go?
Autumn:  I became a charm as sort of a goof.  We met a couple that introduced us to the site and it seemed like a way to make a little extra money.  I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be posing naked on the web.... but have to say that it has boosted my ego, my confidence and the best of all my sex life.....

I want to say thanks to all my members and my fans. I love getting all the wonderful mail and get a kick out of answering them.  I want to thank SC Happenings for this great opportunity to chat and enjoyed all the tips and tricks that Lord Hardcore provided.  The Texas get-together was great and I made some new and, I hope, some long lasting friendships.


Autumn SC1 Photos


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