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Deauxma's Interview


Deauxma Photos


What another great Charm.  Deauxma SC3 came to the Texas Charms Bash a little later than a lot of the other Charms since she and her husband had other commitments.  It didn't take long for Deauxma to get into the swing of things.  She hadn't really planned on doing a shoot for Happenings, but after talking to a few of the other Charms who had, Deauxma and her hubby gave me a call before I left on the last day and asked if I would like to do a shoot for Happenings.

Well not being dumb, I said yes.  Needless to say, Deauxma made the delay in leaving well worth the effort.  I went down to their room in the hotel where we were all staying and met with both Deauxma and her husband.  After a few minutes we decided that we would do a shoot with Deauxma reading a hot adult magazine and then she would slowly strip and start playing with herself.  Everything went as planned and Deauxma gave us a show.  There are 103 photos in this update of Deauxma giving herself pleasure with her hands.  There are 40 photos in the preview area and another 63 of Deauxma in the Happenings membership area.  Please enjoy the photos (I know that you will ;-).

Be sure and check out Deauxma's Southern Charms III page to see the other shoots she did while at the Texas Charms Bash.  She did a number of shoots with the other Charms and you can see them all on her site.  She also has a great contest going on which is open to her members who want to be involved in one of her future updates.  Check out the details and you won't be disappointed.  The contest ends on December 15th, with the shoot planned for sometime the first part of 2002.  Deauxma and her husband will even pay for your stay and treat you to a dinner.  You are responsible for getting there, but that is a very small price to pay for a chance to meet this lovely lady.  So please check out Deauxma's contest on her Southern Charms site.

Now on to Deauxma's interview.

Lord Hardcore:  Oh well, the dreaded question, how old are you?
Deauxma:  I am 41 years old, but you didn't hear that from me.  Born an Aquarius in Wurzburg, Germany.

Lord Hardcore:  Please tell us a little about where you have lived?
Deauxma:  I was an Army brat.  I grew up seems like everywhere.  Most of my younger years were spent sprouting up in Ohio.  Since then, I married a military man and then I traveled some more.  We lived in Georgia, Germany, Florida, Portugal and then settled down in San Antonio, Texas.

Lord Hardcore:  Tell us a little about your life and family?
Deauxma:  As I just said, I now live in San Antonio, I have been here almost nine years now and just love it.  I have been married 21 years, and hard to believe all those years to the same guy.  I would hate to get rid of him now, I just got him broken in, and some parts are still under warranty!  So, I might as well get my money's worth out of him.  We have three kids who are 20, 17, and 15 years old.

Lord Hardcore:  What about growing up?
Deauxma:  I grew up in the farm lands of Ohio, a catholic girl, young and innocent.  I played a lot of sports in school and was a tomboy by nature, but still very girlish.  I am an identical twin.  My sister and I played a lot of practical jokes, like switching classes and boyfriends.  Whatever we could get away with, we did.  My first date with my hubby my sister and I pulled a fast one on him, but that's another story.

Lord Hardcore:  How old were you when you had your first sexual experience?
Deauxma:  My first experience was I was sixteen, sweet sixteen of course.  A moonlit night in the back seat of a car, the traditional setting.  The only difference is, that I asked him instead of him asking me.  The rest is history.

Lord Hardcore:  Well, please tell us a little about it?
Deauxma:  The first time was very awkward, we were both virgins and didn't really have a clue to what we were doing.  It sure wasn't like it was in the movies.  We struggled thru it that night, ever since then I have improved thru a lot of on-the-job-training.

Lord Hardcore:  Have you ever had a girl/girl experience, and if you have, please tell us a little about it?
Deauxma:  YES!!!! Let me say the first time was one of the best.  We were at a New Year's Eve party and after the party my hubby and I went back to a hotel with seven (yes I said seven) other couples.  After a little socializing and a few more drinks, one thing led to another and the other seven girls were on the bed going at it.  All of their hubbies grabbed chairs and sat around the bed and watch the girls play with each other.  Well my hubby and I were sitting on the couch watching all this too, we were very new to the lifestyle and had never seen anything like this.  Anyway after about 15 minutes of the girls playing,  Two of them came over to me, grabbed my hands and led me to the bed.  All the girls stopped what they were doing and started disrobing me as they kissed and fondled me head to toe.  After I was fully naked, I was laid in the middle of the bed and was ravished.  That is when I became a full fledged guarantee 100% Bi female.  I have never regretted it, except I wish I had discovered it when I was a lot younger.

Lord Hardcore:  Have you ever had any other multiple partner episodes?
Deauxma:  YES AGAIN!!!!  Besides my Bi initiation, I have been with several guys at the same time.  The most I have been with is three guys at once.  Now that was another fun time had by all, especially me.  It was my first time ever having all my openings filled at the same time.  I loved it.  I am going to do a photo set like that soon and post it.  Any volunteers out there that want to help?  Another time on my birthday I gave eight guys blow jobs while I was under a very large round dinner table in a restaurant.

Lord Hardcore:  Well, after all that, do you have any fantasies left?
Deauxma:  Well so far I have lived out a lot of my fantasies except one.  Some day I would like to be gang banged by five to six guys.  I want every opening filled and then filled again until I can't go on any longer.  I want to be drenched in cum.  That is my latest fantasy, maybe someday.

Lord Hardcore:  Is there anything else that you would like to let your fans know?
Deauxma:  Other than what I have mentioned above, that should about cover it.  I would definitely like to thank Southern Charms for giving me the opportunity to show myself to the world and live out a few of my fantasies.  I hope my fans have liked what I have done so far, it's only going to get better.  Until next time, take care.

Hugs, kisses and Licks..........Deauxma


Deauxma Photos


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